James Schneider

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I am a learning-centered teacher. My goal is for all students to find a passion and persistance for learning that will serve them throughout their lives. 

James received his B.A. in Humanaties from the Universtiy of Texas at Austin in 1995. There he studied religion and philosophy with an emphasis in Asian religions. 

He received his M.I.T. (Master of Teaching) from The Evergreen State College in 2001. 

He recieved his M.M. (Master of Music) from Rowen University in 2020. His gradute studies' emphasis was in jazz composition and arranging. 

As a musician, James' professional career has covered much ground. From early years in school jazz bands and garage punk bands, to funk, Brazilian choro, Jazz Manouche, bluegrass, Western Swing, and contemporary jazz, James has performed professionally on bass (upright and electric), guitar, mandolin, and banjo. He is also on over 20 recordings, including two that charted in the top 20 of the CMJ (radio) Jazz Charts and one on the top 20 of the CMJ Americana charts. He also was a co-writer and performer on a syndicated series for Public Radio International (PRI). 


Courses taught at SPSCC: 

ENGL 98: Pre-college Writing

ENGL 101: College Writing

ENGL 102: Research and Argumentation

ENGL 110: Intermediate Grammar

ENGL 111: Intro to Literature

ENGL 250: American Ethnic Literature 

HUM 114: The Mythic Image

HUM 119: American Popular Music

HUM 140: World Religions

HUM 219: Hip-Hop Culture and Music

HUM 240: Sacred Texts

MUSC 100: Music Fundamentals

MUSC 134: Jazz Ensemble

MUSC 159: Class Guitar 

MUSL 182: Applied Guitar